A Call for Inventors, Designers and Makers

Innovation and creativity are always on the top,

but STEAM is a multidisciplinary approach that pop up.

Maker movement, robotics, and 3D printing;

they all depend on analysis and designing,

A.I, A.R. and V.R. seem to be coming,

but can we know where all we are going?

‘Wheels age’ is ending and comes the ‘drones age’,

and can you guess the name of the following age?

Now, all say that ‘computational thinking’

may let us understand

the unknowns approaching.

In this foggy environment, it may be challenging

however, they are mostly very interesting.

Looking into their genes, I saw something;

that these are all about ‘problem solving’.

If productivity is its driving force,

please tell me where is the master course?

‘Structure’, ‘Aesthetics’ and ‘Use’ are the keywords,

or ‘Function’, ‘Forms’ and ‘User Experience’ in other words.

In short, what we want is to make an impact,

So, we invite you to our program; IMPACT.

Can Kültür, March 8, 2018

Director of Technology, BLIS