A fun way to start computer programming in early ages.

What is it about?

This race car designed bot allows students to enter commands via a set of arrow and number keys mounted on the back. Using robotic controls on the car or through Logo programming, students plan a route for the Pro-Bot and press the corresponding keypad controls then press GO.

According to the aim of the activity, they can develop a program to find its way or may be to draw some figures with a pen attached.

It also allow repeat loops and has bumper and light sensors to take programming to the next level.

What do you need to have?

Nothing other than your willingness.

Who can Apply

Grade 4, 5 and 6 students

Quota of Activity

Maximum 10 students per one session


Lütfi Akgül

Graduated from Gazi University BSc, Physics department in 2006.

Having almost 8 years of experience in IT field in different positions I am very excited to bring my physics background and IT expertise through this activity.

Ulaş Remzi Koralay

Graduated from Anatolian University, Classroom Teaching department in 2013.

I have master's degree in technology integration in education and I am working as an ICT integrator at our school.