Play for Impact


April 28, 2018 / BLIS, Ankara

This workshop is one of the activities supported by and organised in collaboration between DutchCulture, the Dutch Ambassy in Turkey, Bilkent University and BLIS, with the aim to cross borders and cross cultures and art for youth in Turkey.

when / WHERE

April 28th, Saturday

9:00 - 13:30

Middle School - Multi Purpose Room (111/112)

for whom

BLIS Middle and High School students.


Fill in the form here before April 20th.

Depending on number of applications we may need to limit the number of participants.


Global warming and waste awareness is a hot theme for the world as a whole. But how do we get the message across to people that they need to be aware of how to handle their waste?

With technology and gamification, we can give shape to our dreams about a cleaner future and engage and inspire others in the importance of it at the same time.

  • How can we make a change in the complete lifecycle of a plastic bottle?
  • And where and for whom do we wish to make a change?
  • Can we make a game to target and engage the right people to use plastic water bottles and other single use plastics less or different?

Near Children's day, as experts on gamification from the Dutch games industry work together with experts from Bilkent University and BLIS school our aim is to bring the workshop creating an impact on facilitating a dialog on waste management, and allow a different point of view with gamification, including the educational focus of co-creation, design thinking, 21st century skills and prototyping.

The participants will use gamification as a tool to create a game concept that will make this theme come alive for the people of Ankara, and maybe even the rest of the world.


  • Learning to analyse a problem and design solutions
  • Learning to work and co create in a team, collaboration
  • Learning to empathise with a target user
  • Learning to map a context of a problem, it’s stakeholders and defining paths to solutions
  • Learning about developing a tool (game) with a purpose
  • Learning how to apply play for impact, as example for learning about design thinking and facilitating a design process
  • Explore and develop 21st century skills
  • Grow the capacity to innovate as a skill


  • Introduction to play with a purpose (online) with Pacman, being played via Makey makey as controller played by two teams of two others will be audience and observers.
  • Introduction to the theme/topic: “Waste management”
  • Creating team member posters
  • Creating user/target/stakeholder posters
  • Creating team purpose poster (including purpose and roles)
  • Creating a user scenario - mapping context
  • Designing a game using a Game design canvas, which is explained with Pacman as an example.
  • Co create a game concept in teams and develop a presentation
  • All teams present their results and via votes teams will receive honourable rewards.