3D Design Challenge, Chess Set, 2019

Getting Ready

This is a meetup activity to share what we learn by ourselves and apply it together to make it productive and fun.

Learn the basics of the design tool you will use a team. We expect you try the tool and learn the basics.

You can ask your questions by sending an email to to 3dprint@blisankara.org. When you design a piece ready to be printed you will be sending them to this address also.

Note that

  • You will be using your own laptop and mouse.
  • Using a mouse can be much more practical than touchpad of the laptops.
  • Please make sure your laptop is fully charged and do not forget to bring your charger.

Here are some suggestions


Go to https://www.tinkercad.com/ --> the starting tutorials are great to experience the basics of the tool.

Please make sure you have a look at the chess pawn project here to see the design of chess pawn.


Make a plan for your whole chess set. Check the dimensions explained here (at the end of the page).

Deciding on the design of a common base considering the heights may help you save time.


In tinkercad, you can also give your teammate access to your project workspace. By this way you can work collaboratively on the same project.